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Shredding Process

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Document Shredding Has A New Home, Yours!

If you live on Long Island we have some great news, you can have your private papers and files shredded right at your home.  We bring professional document destruction right to your front door on the day that is best for you.

Here is how On-site Home Shredding Works

You give us a call and a very pleasant and knowledgeable member of our staff will answer the phone, not some recording. Then we ask you some questions to determine how much you have to shred and see if there are any special circumstances about your location. We also explain how our shredding service works. Then we give you a quote and if you’re ready you can schedule your shredding appointment. One call and you’re ready to shred.

Pricing for Your Document Destruction Service

Our pricing is very straightforward. We charge you per shredding bin. Our shredding bins are 95-gallon containers that hold about 300 pounds of paper. The price per bin is based on the number of bins you have to shred. After we perform your service you pay for the number of bins shredded times the rate per bin plus sales tax, that’s it. We have no surcharges or extra charges that pop up at the last minute.

You Pick the Day for Your Mobile Appointment

We offer our paper shredding services Monday through Saturday with just one day’s notice. So you can have your papers destroyed as soon as tomorrow or any day you choose. With work and your responsibilities at home, we know we need to be flexible to make shredding easy and convenient for you.

On-Site Shredding

We have a fleet of paper shredding trucks that comes to your Long Island residence and destroys all your files and papers just steps away from your home. When the truck pulls up to your home our uniformed service tech will introduce himself and show you his picture ID. Then you show him the papers to be destroyed and he does all the work. Your documents are placed into one of our bins then it is locked to protect your files. The bin is then taken to the truck and the shredding system will lift the bin and empty your papers into the shredder and they are destroyed right there and then. The truck also has a monitor installed on the side of the truck that allows you to see your documents going through the shredder.

What to Shred

Play it safe and shred every piece of paper. You will be surprised at what information can be used by identity thieves. Your information is not only on bank statements, tax returns, bills, and medical records. Your information is on junk mail, magazines, and note pads to name just a few. If your shred everything there’s no question that you are taking every precaution to protect your private information.

How to Prepare

There is not much for you to do other than identify what files you want shredded. Your papers can be in boxes, garbage bags, or any containers you have available. Our industrial shredding trucks are very powerful so there is no reason to open envelopes or remove staples, paper clips, binder clips, fasteners, or rubber bands our shredders will destroy them all.

What Happens to the Shredded Paper

You will be happy to learn that all of the documents we shred are recycled. The destroyed paper is sent to mills that turn the paper back into paper pulp. That paper pulp is then used to make other paper products like paper towels. One ton of recycled shredded paper saves 17 trees.

Now you’re ready so give Time Shred a call!

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