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Shredding Process

Shredding Services At Yor Home in NYC  

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You need shredding we bring it to your front door Monday through Saturday!

When you live in NYC things need to be convenient. Time Shred makes document shredding convenient from your first call to the completion of your shredding service.

Make One Call For A Residential Shredding Quote & Appointment

When you call Time Shred an experienced person will answer the telephone not some robotic voice telling you to press numbers for assistance. We are happy to speak to our customers and explain how our residential document destruction service works and what options you have. On the same call, you will also be provided with a quote and you can schedule your on-site shredding appointment. All it takes is just one call to Time Shred Services and you will be all set.

What Day is Best for You For Your Document Destruction Appointment

We know you have a lot more going on in your life than having your documents shredded but it’s still important and it has to be done. We make it easy to fit the secure destruction of your private papers into your schedule. We offer next-day service Monday through Saturday. That means you pick the best day for you and it could be as soon as tomorrow. So you won’t have to have to change your schedule or take off a day from work if you call Time Shred Services.

When We Arrive To Shred Your Personal Papers

We have a fleet of the most advanced paper shredding trucks that come right to your NYC home. Our trucks will be easy to identify because they boldly display our name. Our uniformed driver will alert you that he has arrived. We will then bring one of our shredding bins up to your apartment door. If there is no elevator no problem we will carry things down for you. Our driver will show you his company picture ID and ask you to show him what documents you would like destroyed. Your private papers are then put into the bin and it will be locked to secure your documents. The bin is then taken to the truck where it will be emptied by our automated system into the shredder and all of your documents are destroyed. We also invite you to come to the truck to see your papers being shredded with a monitor on the side of the truck.

Here is How to Get Ready For Your Shredding Service

There is not much to do other than identifying what documents you want shredded. The documents you choose to be shredded can be put in boxes, garbage bags, or any container you have available. Because our paper shredding trucks are outfitted with strong industrial shredders you don’t have to open envelopes remove paper clips, staples, rubber bands, binder clips, or fasteners of any kind our shredder will destroy them all.

Forget Personal Shredders

Personal shredders can only shred one or two pages at a time. If you try to put more paper in at one time they jam. Not to mention they create a lot of heat so they could be dangerous. Our paper shredding trucks can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour so we can shred in minutes what would take you days to complete with a home shredder. Don’t waste your time let us make simple and fast work of the destruction of your private files.
We hope we have given you enough information for you to call Time Shred and set up your shredding service.

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