Secure Professional Shredding Services for Manhattan, New York City, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey
Shredding Process

Watch Your Documents Being Shredded

On-Site Document Shredding

When you need to destroy files and paper documents regularly, our Scheduled Shredding Services is for you.

Our onsite shredding service is available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey.

Time Shred’s scheduled shredding service is for businesses, healthcare providers and organizations that have a regular or ongoing document destruction need.

Give Time Shred a call and our helpful staff will answer all of your questions, help you determine which scheduled shredding service meets your needs and give you a reasonable quote.

How it works

We will provide you with locking shredding containers that will be placed in convenient locations in your office for your documents to be discarded and stored in until we come to shred them.  We have different types and sizes of secure containers for you to choose from that will accommodate any shredding need or office layout.

Shredding Schedule

A consistent schedule will be more effective so we suggest you choose weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.  Time Shred will help you determine what destruction schedule that works for you. Your scheduled paper shredding service can be adjusted at any time to meet your needs.


We provide our secure containers for FREE.  You only pay for our service when we come to your location and shred your documents. The cost of your schedule shredding service is based on the number of secure shredding containers you need and the frequency of the service. Our staff will provide you with a detailed quote.

When We Arrive to Shred Your Documents

On your scheduled shredding date our friendly, uniformed shredding technician will come to your office and empty the locked containers into our shredding bins. The bin is then locked and brought to our paper shredding truck and your documents are destroyed right their onsite before we leave your location.  All of our trucks are equipped with a camera systems that allows you to see your files being shredded on a monitor on the side of the truck.

Witness Shredding as it Happens

If you’re a resident or business located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester or New Jersey you can actually witness your confidential documents being shredded at your location as it happens.

Time Shred Services brings secure document shredding services right to your front door with the option to witness the secure destruction of your files. Our fleet of paper shredding trucks is the most technologically advanced in the industry. All of our trucks are outfitted with a security camera system that oversees all of the operations of our shredders. It monitors the following processes;

  • The lifting of your documents into the truck
  • The dumping of your files into the shredder
  • Your papers being destroyed by the shredder blades
  • The moving of the shredded documents into the secure storage compartment

All of these processes can be seen on a monitor that is located on the side of the paper shredding truck that we invite you to watch.

You have a number of options to destroy your private papers or business records. None of them is more secure and comforting as having your files destroyed at your location as your watch the entire process. You’ll never have to questions what happens to your documents because you will know with onsite witnessed shredding services.

The Shredding Process

Order Your Service. Just give us a call and we can walk you through the whole process including giving you pricing and scheduling your document destruction appointment with just one telephone call.

When The Truck Arrives To Perform Your Witnessed Shredding. You will see one of our uniformed technicians. He will show you his picture ID and ask you to show him what documents you would like destroyed. He will then place your papers into one of our bins. The bins hold 300 pounds of paper and it will be locked to secure your information. The bin is then rolled to the truck where the automated shredding system takes over. The bin is lifted and your papers are emptied directly into the shredder. All of your files will be completely destroyed right away.

Time Shred Services is ready to help so give us a call today and your scheduled shredding program could start tomorrow.

NAID MemberNAID AAA Certified

We are a AAA Certified member of NAID, The National Association of Information Destruction, which is the only organization dedicated to the information destruction industry that requires adherence to a strict code of conduct.

The AAA Certification means our training, hiring and service practices are so highly regarded that Time Shred Services Inc. has reached the pinnacle of the document destruction industry.

Shredding Truck

Do you have questions about our secure shredding services? Please visit our FAQ section or call us at:

855-85-SHRED (74733)