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Residential Shredding in Suffolk County, NY   Call (631) 676-8367

Document Shredding That Comes to Your Home any Day You Want Monday through Saturday

When you need Shredding, Just Call

We have a document destruction specialist always available to help you with your residential shredding project on Long Island.  When you call us you will get a person that answers the phone.  We will explain how our residential service works, answer your questions, give you a great quote and schedule the destruction of your documents.

Have Your Shredding Done Tomorrow

You can schedule the destruction of your documents for as soon as tomorrow.  We service residential customers in Suffolk County Monday through Saturday with as little as 24 hours- notice.  Don’t take off a day from work for us, just pick the best day for you to have your documents shredded.

We Come to Your Home

From Huntington to Montauk and everywhere in between Time Shred Services brings paper shredding to your Suffolk County home.  We are a mobile shredding company.  We have a fleet pf paper shredding trucks that destroy your documents onsite at your residence for you to witness.

When the Shredding Truck Arrives

When our truck pulls up it will be easy to identify because our trucks boldly display our logo and phone number.  Our uniformed technician will ring your doorbell and introduce himself and show you his picture ID.  He will then ask you to show him the documents you want shredded.  Your documents will then be placed into one of our security bins that hold 300 pounds of paper and it will be locked.  The bin is then taken to the truck and it is lifted by a mechanical system emptied directly into the shredder.  Your documents are completely destroyed.

See Your Documents Going Through the Shredder

What could be more comforting than actually seeing your files being destroyed?  You can when Time Shred destroys your documents.  All of our trucks have camera systems with a monitor on the side of the truck that allows you to see your papers going through the shredder as it happens.

We’re AAA Certified

The National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) sets the standards globally for the document shredding industry.  To make it easy for customers to know the best shredding companies NAID certifies companies that exceed the highest standards for security and service.  Time Shred has earned the AAA Certification.

Shredding is good for the Environment

We recycle all of the documents we destroy.  The shredded paper is turned back into paper pulp and it is used to make other paper products.  Every ton of paper we shred and recycle saves 17 trees.  When you destroy your documents with Time Shred you are also helping the environment.

We look forward to helping you with your residential shredding need in Suffolk County Long Island so give us a call today.