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Shredding Process

Next Day Shredding… Monday – Saturday

Shredding While You Wait

Do you have a small amount of documents to shred?  Can’t wait for the shredding trucks to show up? Time Shred can help with our walk-in, shred while you wait service.

Time Shred has a convenient walk-in document shredding location in Freeport NY.  With convenient parking and a comfortable private shredding area, you can bring your documents to our shredding location and watch your documents being shredded.

Don’t just drop off your documents with someone you don’t know or let your documents just sit someplace for weeks and weeks until they are shredded.  Get your documents shredded right now, while you wait at Time Shred’s convenient shredding center.

How it Works

You will arrive at Time Shred’s shredding center, you will sign in and be given a visitor’s pass. Our staff will then go to your vehicle and carry your documents into the facility.  You will be invited into the private shredding room where you will be able to sit comfortably while your documents are shredded.  While you watch, our shredding technician will weigh your documents then feed them through the shredder.  Your documents will be completely destroyed with our industrial cross-cut shredder right in front of you.  We will even show you the results of the shredding process.

The Cost

Our Shred While You Wait Services is very economical at $1.00 per pound with a $30.00 minimum charge.  Your documents are weighted right in from of you and you can pay for your shredding services with cash, check, or credit card.


We are conveniently located at 120 Church Street Freeport NY 11520.  Our location has easy access from Northern State Parkway, Southern State Parkway, and the Meadow Brook Parkway.


Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM


We are ready to help and answer all your questions.  Just give Time Shred a call at 516-690-8999