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Onsite Paper Shredding in Carlstadt NJ


Call Today to Schedule Your Document Destruction Service for Tomorrow.

The more you know about our company the more you going to want to use us for your shredding needs.  We offer the residents and businesses in Carlstadt with onsite document destruction options that be customized to meet every need.  So whether you need a one-time service to clean out old files or your need an ongoing way to destroy paper records we can help and we can do it as soon as tomorrow.

We Give Quotes And Set Up Appointments Right Over The Telephone

We are one of those old time companies that still answer our own phones, not some recording or a call center in some other country.  Our knowledgeable staff will explain how our services work and help you pick an option that is right for your situation.  We will also give you a reasonable quote that you can rely on without any extra costs and surcharges that many other companies like to charge.  The final step is to book your appointment for the day you prefer Monday through Saturday.

Mobile Shredding At Your Location Lets You Supervise The Entire Process

We actually come to you to destroy your private records.  We can do this because we have a fleet of industrial shredding trucks that we will send to your Carlstadt NJ home or place of business and all our services will be performed there.  Upon our arrival, you just show our trained staff what documents you would like destroyed.  We will then place your papers in a bin that holds 300 pounds of paper and it will be sealed so your data can be securely moved to our truck.  At the truck, a programmed system will lift the bin and empty your files into the shredder and they are destroyed immediately.  You will also be able to see your records going through the blades of the truck on a screen on the side of the truck.

File Destruction Options for Businesses

Our options allow firms to choose a service that takes into consideration how frequently they need to destroy business records.

One-time Shredding – Our one-time purge service is secure document destruction only when you have the need.  We have no requirement as to how often we come to your office to destroy your business records it is entirely up to you.  You may need us just once for a long-overdue file purge or periodically when you have records to eliminate.  We are ready when you are.  Size also doesn’t matter we will be happy to destroy one box of documents to many thousands of boxes.

Scheduled Shredding – This ongoing option is a structured service that follows a recurring schedule for those firms that are disposing of business papers often if not daily.  You are provided with security containers that remain in your office for your staff to dispose of all paper records in whenever they need to.  Enough containers will be provided so one will be located within steps of all of your staff.  Then on an ongoing basis, the containers are emptied and the contents destroyed by our trained technicians.  Choose a weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly service schedule.

Shredding for Residents At Their Home Six Days A Week

When you need the most convenient and secure residential shredding service in NJ you don’t have to go anywhere because we come to your home.  Your personal papers will be destroyed steps away from your front door and you will have an opportunity to witness it as it happens.  Deciding on a date that works best for you is easy because we are available as soon as tomorrow Monday through Saturday.

What Should You Shred

You may be surprised to learn that nearly half of all documents contain information that privacy laws require they be destroyed before they are thrown away.  So don’t waste time going through them and risk a mistake of missing something, shred every document before they are disposed of.

Why Choose Time Shred Services

We are a local document destruction service that lives and works in the communities we serve.  We are not a national company where you are just a number.  We are local people that know the area and listen to the individual needs of each of our customers.  We want to make sure you are happy with our service so you will use us again the next time you need our service and be happy to recommend us to others.

Hard Drive Destruction

Don’t dispose of a computer until you have removed the hard drive and had it destroyed.  One hard drive can hold millions of pages of documents not to mention it keeps a history of everything you have done on that computer.  Erasing or hitting the delete button that is not enough the information still remains on the hard drive.  The only true way to eliminate that information is to physically destroy the hard drive.  Our on-site hard drive destruction service will destroy your hard drive so the data will never be accessed again.

Time Shred Services is a local onsite shredding and hard drive destruction service that provides information destruction to the businesses and residents located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester, and New Jersey.  For more information or to schedule an appointment right away gives us a call.