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Time Shred Services has the solutions for the document shredding needs of residents and businesses in Nassau County, NY. We offer both one-time and ongoing paper shredding services. Give us a call to start shredding right away.

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With just one call you will get the information you need from one of our knowledgeable customer service staff to choose the best document destruction service for you.  On the same call, we will provide you with a very reasonable quote that gives you all of the cost in advance so there won’t be any last-minute surprises.  The last thing you have to do is set up your appointment for the day you want and that will be easy since we offer next-day service Monday to Saturday.

On-Site Shredding is Your Best Alternative

Time Shred is a company that brings professional shredding right to your business or home so you can be sure your information is securely destroyed. We have a fleet of industrial paper destruction trucks that can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour to make fast work of any shredding project. We give you the best mobile service in Nassau County right outside your front door. Onsite document destruction is the most secure alternative since it happens at your location before the truck leaves.  If you allow your papers to be loaded on a truck and taken away to be shredded at a different location, you don’t get to actually see the shredding take place. You don’t know who else will handle your documents or when they are shredded. With our Nassau County onsite document shredding service, there is no question that your documents have been destroyed. We do this right in front of your home or business so that you will be able to see them being destroyed on a viewing screen on the side of our truck.

Residential Shredding in Nassau County NY

Residents in Nassau County have to protect their private information from getting into the wrong hands. The best and most secure way to do that is to shred your documents at your home with our onsite residential shredding service.  Don’t make the mistake of just putting your personal papers in the trash where they can be taken by anyone. We will send one of our powerful paper destruction trucks to your home and destroy your files right in front of you. We offer our at-home service Monday through Saturday so pick a convenient day for you.

Shredding Choices for Businesses

Businesses in Nassau County have a great responsibility to protect the information of their clients, employees, and their business. It’s not only a good business practice it’s the law. To help you protect the information you and entrusted with and be compliant with privacy laws Time Shred offers businesses One-time and Scheduled shredding services.

One-time Document Destruction – When you need to shred your documents occasionally our onetime service will work best for you. Our One-time service is document destruction only when you call for it. It could be as little as just once or periodically it’s up to you.

Scheduled Shredding Programs – When you have an ongoing need to shred your documents our Scheduled Service is a program that makes the secure destruction of business records automatic. We provide and place our locking containers in your offices so anytime you need to dispose of files you and your staff just deposit them in the containers. We then work with you to set up a regular schedule to come to your office to empty and shred the content of each container. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, and monthly schedules.

Privacy Is Important and it’s the Law

You would be surprised what information can be used to hurt an individual or business by an identity thief. An address, phone number, credit card number, account numbers and medical records to name a few will all be unsafe in the wrong hands. To ensure that you keep private information secure, you need to have documents with that information on it shredded on a regular basis. This will ensure your privacy is always protected. It is also important to know that privacy laws require you shred these documents before you discard them.

Peace Of Mind

Time Shred Services is an AAA Certified document shredding company. We are certified by the National Association of Information Destruction, NAID. NAID sets and oversees the strict standards for the document shredding industry. Hiring a AAA Certified paper shredding company will give you peace of mind that the company that is handling and shredding your documents exceeds the highest standards for security and professionalism in the document destruction industry.

For added peace of mind, we provide certificates of destruction to document the secure shredding of your documents.

We accept cash, credit cards and check for payment. We’ll be waiting for your call today.