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Document Destruction At Your Staten Island Location On The Date You Want!

Protect your private information in Staten Island with on-site document destruction services by Time Shred Services.  For both businesses and residents in Staten Island having your documents securely destroyed is easy.  Just one call to Time Shred Services will have you shredding your documents as soon as tomorrow.  Whether your company needs in-office document destruction services on a regular basis or whether it’s time for a one-time purge of outdated files at home or in your office, Time Shred Services has the best options to meet your needs.

Make Your Appointment To Start Shredding

Just give us a call you will be happily surprised when a real person answers the phone.  Time Shred Services has a team of experienced helpful customer service staff that are available to explain our document destruction options and assist you with choosing the service that best meets your needs.  After you decided on an option we will give you a quote.  Our pricing is very simple and straight forward with no hidden or surprise charges.  If you are satisfied with our quote you can schedule your appointment at the same time.  We are available Monday through Saturday so setting up your service for a convenient date is easy.

Mobile Shredding Means We Come To Your Staten Island Location

Time Shred Services is a mobile company that has a fleet of paper shredding trucks that will come to your Staten Island home or office to destroy your confidential files there.  When one of our paper shredding trucks arrives at your Staten Island business or residence, one of our well trained and uniformed technicians will introduce himself and ask you to show him what documents you would like destroyed.  Your files will then be carefully placed into one of our bins so they can be secured in a locked container to be moved to the truck.  Our trucks are equipped with an automated system that raises the bin into the truck and empty your documents into the shredder and your documents are destroyed.  A camera system on the truck will allow you to witness the entire process.  Onsite document destruction with Time Shred Services is your most secure option to eliminate your confidential records because they are completely destroyed before we leave your Staten Island location.

Professional On-site Document Destruction Options for Businesses

One-time Shredding & File Purges – The ability of your company to order document destruction services only when you need it is what our one-time service provides.  It gives firms the option to call us just once or occasionally it’s entirely up to you.   So if it’s time for a file purge or you’re looking for a company that will come to your office at different times during the year we can help you.   Just call us anytime your need to destroy business records and we will be happy to come to your office and take care of it for you and we look forward to the next time you need us.

Scheduled Shredding Programs– Confidential information about your company and your clients is on many different types of documents you use and dispose of every day.  Tossing them in the trash could cause a data breach and be a privacy law violation.  So how do you dispose of company files in a compliant manner that does not become a burden?  Our schedule document destruction option.  We will provide your firm with our security containers that stay in your office so all papers can be discarded in a locked container.  We will provide enough containers so they can be placed in locations so your entire staff can use them.  All they have to do is deposit documents whenever necessary.  We will come to your office on a recurring schedule to empty and shred all the documents from each container.  You can have an ongoing schedule that is weekly bi-weekly, every four weeks, or monthly.

Residential Shredding Services in Staten Island NY

Identity theft continues to skyrocket and individuals still make the mistake of putting personal papers in the garbage.  The biggest cause of identity theft is still from documents being thrown away.  There is a way to prevent it from happening to you with our residential shredding service.  We will come to your house or apartment with one of our industrial shredding trucks and all of your private files will be destroyed there and you will be able to see it as it is happening.  Our service that comes right to your home is available Monday through Saturday.

What Papers Needs To Be Securely Destroyed

You would be surprised by how many different types of documents have your personal information on them from letters, bills, and juke mail.  Half of every document received or created by a business has information on them that requires they are shredded before they are disposed of.  So what do you shred?  The safest thing to do is shred every document that you need to dispose of.  Shredding everything has an added benefit, recycling.  All of the documents that we destroy are recycled.  All of the shredded paper is recycled and used to make other paper products.  One ton of shredded paper saves 17 trees.

AAA Certified Document Shredding

How do you know you are turning your private documents over to a trustworthy and reliable shredding service?  The best way is to hire a company that has received the AAA Certification from NAID, the National Association of Information Destruction.  That certification means that the company exceeds the highest and most secure standards in the information destruction industry.   Time Shred Services is an AAA Certified document shredding service.

Your Best Option For Shredding is Time Shred Here’s Why

  • We’re a local company based right here in New York.
  • You get your quote and appointment with just one telephone call.
  • We shred all your documents at your location.
  • You can have your appointment tomorrow or any day you want Monday through Saturday.
  • We have a great trustworthy staff that re background checked and drug tested annually.
  • Our company exceeds the highest standards and our NAID AAA Certification Proves it.

Frequently Asked Questions – For Quick Reference

When Can I Get My Document Shredded?

We shred Monday through Saturday; you pick the date.  We offer next-day service six days a week

Where Are My Documents Shredded?

At your New York City location.  One of our powerful paper destruction trucks comes to you. You’ll be able to witness your papers and files being shredded.

How Much Does On-site Shredding Cost?

We use our security containers and charge by the containers shredded.  The cost per container is based on whether you choose a one-time or ongoing service and the amount of paper you need shredded.  We will give you a quote over the phone.

Do I Have to Remove Staples, Paper Clips & Rubber Bands?

No, our commercial shredders will cut through them.  They will also cut through sealed envelopes, entire folders full of documents, and three-ring binders up to one inch thick.

Why Choose Time Shred Services Over Other Document Destruction Services?

Our service from start to finish sets us apart.  When you call our office, you get to speak with one of our experienced customer service staff, get a quote and set up your appointment for the date you want Monday through Saturday.  When we come to your Manhattan location, we do all the work even carrying your documents up or downstairs.

We look forward to helping you with your document shredding needs so give Time Shred a call today.