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Westchester County Document Shredding Services

When you need document shredding services in Westchester County we come to your home or office with as little as one day notice. Having your documents shredded can be easy if you choose Time Shred Services. Everything necessary for your papers to be securely shredded can be accomplished with just one telephone call.
Many people are surprised that a company would only specialize in shredding papers, but there’s more to it than that and everyone needs it. Time Shred Services is a company that caters to businesses and residents in Westchester that need their information-sensitive documents to be shredded securely and in a timely manner.

Here’s why you should choose our Westchester County document destruction services for your paper shredding needs:

Time Shred Makes Shredding Efficient for You

We save people time by eliminating inadequate office shredders or home shredders. In addition to being inefficient, home and office shredders are frustrating, having to feed them a page at a time if they don’t get jammed or over heat. Fortunately, our high-capacity paper shredding trucks can shred 6,000 lbs. of paper each hour, which means that even huge shredding jobs are done in a snap. We can shred in minutes what would take you forever with a home or office shredder.

Shredding for Businesses

With Time Shred Services you have options to shred your business records. We offer One-time and Scheduled shredding services to meet any business need.

Residential Shredding

Most people keep their private papers and files at home. When you need to dispose of some of your files Time Shred has an easy way to do it. We’ll come to you with one of our paper shredding trucks and destroy your private papers at your home. Our residential shredding service makes the destruction of your personal papers that easy and convenient. We offer our residential service Monday through Saturday.

On-Site Shredding

The shredding of your documents is easy because we do all the work. Our paper shredding truck pulls up to your Westchester location and our uniformed shredding technician will show you his company issued picture ID. He will then ask you to show him the documents you would like shredded. Your documents are then placed into one of our security bins that will be locked so your documents can be taken to the paper shredding truck in the most secure manner. Once at the paper shredding truck the bin will be lifted automatically and emptied in to the shredder. Your documents are then destroyed. An onboard monitor allows you to witness the shredding of your documents.

One-time Shredding

Call us once or call us whenever you need us, that’s our One-time Shredding Service. Our onetime service is document destruction only when you call for it. You get the same level of convenient secure shredding it’s just when you’re ready to do it.

Scheduled Shredding

If identity theft and corporate espionage makes you nervous you’re not alone. The best way to protect against that is to have a scheduled shredding program in your office. We provide our locking containers to dispose of your documents in. We provide an adequate number of containers to make it convenient for your staff to use. We then set up an automatic schedule were we come and empty the containers and destroy the documents on an ongoing basis. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly automatic schedules.

Shredding is Required by Law

Federal and state privacy laws require that you shred any documents that contain private or personal information. If you don’t you are could face fines and be responsible for the financial damages that are cause by an information breach. The safest way to avoid this is shred all your documents when you are ready to dispose of them.

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