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Time Shred Services: The King of Queens, NY Residential Shredding

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When you need document shredding services at your home in Queens all you should have to do is pick up the telephone and make one call and get everything you need to make a decision and schedule your Queens residential document destruction service.

That is all it takes when you call Time Shred.  We have a great team of helpful staff that will answer your questions, explain our services, give you a quote that is easy to understand and schedule your service for the day you want.

You Pick the Day

Need to shred on Tuesday, how about Thursday, maybe even Saturday.  We offer next day shredding Monday through Saturday so you have the option to decide on the best day for you to have us come to your home and destroy your documents.  No reason to take off a day from work when you choose Time Shred to destroy your documents because of our six day a week availability.

We Come To You

We have a fleet of paper shredding trucks that will come to your residence in Queens to shred your documents onsite.  Our mobile service allows you to witness your documents being destroyed.  When we arrive your files and private papers will be placed into one of our security bins and it will then be locked.  The bin is rolled to the truck and your documents are emptied into the industrial shredder and they are destroyed.  We invite you to accompany the bin to the truck.

Time Shred vs Home Shredders

You may think that a home shredder is the way to go until you buy one and find out that you can only put one of two pieces of paper in it at a time, it jams or over heats.  Time Shred’s service is easier and a lot faster.  Our industrial shredders can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.  We will shred in minutes what could take you days to do with a personal shredder.

How To Get Your Documents Ready

It’s easy, just decide what documents you want shredded, that’s it.  You don’t have to open envelopes, remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands or binder clips.  Our industrial shredders will destroy them all with your papers.

Why Choose a Professional Shredding Service?

There are many reasons to have your documents shredded, and the first is security. In the U.S., it’s legal to steal trash. This means that any sensitive documents you throw into the trash can easily be picked up by a curious passerby or a seasoned thief. Because of this, document shredding is the law.

In addition to helping keep your sensitive information secure, document shredding can also help you avoid clutter and keep your residential space clean. We recycle all of the documents we shred, so you’re also supporting the environment when you hire Time Shred.  One ton of shredded paper saves 17 trees.

Call Us Today!

Contact Time Shred Services at (718)534-1150 for all of your Queens document shredding needs.  We are looking forward to helping you.