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02 March 2022

On-Site Shredding is Better Than Off-Site Document Shredding Services

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We think that after you read the information below you will agree that on-site shredding is more convenient and secure than offsite.  Let’s start with what is onsite and offsite document destruction.

On-site Document Shredding

Your documents will be destroyed at your location by a truck equipped with an industrial shredder.

Here is How it Works

When the shredding truck arrives at your home or place of business, your papers are placed into a bin which is a large container on wheels with a locking top.  The bin should be locked at all times after your documents have been placed inside.  The container will be moved to the shredding truck parked outside.  An automated bin tipper will lift the container into a tunnel that pulls out from the side of the truck that leads to the shredder.  At the shredder the bin is emptied, and your confidential papers are destroyed.   Ask if the truck is equipped with a camera system that allows you to see your documents going through the shredder.  Your documents should be completely destroyed before the truck pulls away.

Off-site Document Shredding

Sometimes referred to as plant-based shredding, the document destruction company will send a box truck to your location where documents are placed in a bin then the container is loaded into the truck for transportation to a facility to be shredded at a later time.

Here is How it Works

Similar to on-site shredding, your documents are placed into a bin, and the container is then moved to the truck where it is loaded.  The key difference is your records will be shredded at a facility you have never seen or know anything about.  Most people are not comfortable with off-site service because you don’t know where or when your documents have been destroyed. Some businesses prefer off-site shredding because of space limitations at their facility.

If You are Considering offsite shredding, ask these questions:

  • Does truck remain locked at all times when you have bins with documents in them?
  • How are the bins protected in the truck so they don’t move or tip over?
  • If you leave the truck to pick up other documents, how are the documents already in the truck protected?
  • Has one of your trucks ever been broken into?
  • Are documents ever left on the trucks overnight?
  • From the time my documents are picked up, when will they be shredded?
  • Does your facility have a security system in place?
  • Does your plant have a surveillance system and are my documents under constant video surveillance wherever they are in your facility?
  • All of your employees should be background checked, drug tested and sign confidentiality agreements; do they?

Shredding at Retail Locations Such as Office Supply Stores of Mail & Shipping Stores.

You need to be aware that these stores just collect your documents.  Most of these retail locations don’t shred your documents there.  You are dropping off your confidential papers and they are placed in a bin where they may sit there for some time until another company comes to shred the documents or move them to be shredded elsewhere.

The reason some people choose this method for destroying their papers, is that it can be cost-effective for small amounts of documents.  The cost is usually ranges from $1.00 to $3.95per pound.   If you decide to use this option, make sure they tell you who the shredding company is and whether or not they are AAA Certified by NAID.

On-site Shredding is Just More Secure

Having your documents completely destroyed before they leave your location leaves no question that your information is no longer available for anyone to see or have access to.  With the continual rise in identity theft onsite shredding reduces that possibility not to mention it is very convenient.  Why expose your confidential information to increased risk be handled multiple times before they are destroyed with offsite shredding.

Time Shred is your Best Choice

Time Shred Services is a NAID AAA Certified company.  That means we exceed the strictest security standards in the industry.  So, your documents will be destroyed at your location so you can witness it being done.  We also offer next day service six days a week so you can have your papers destroyed when it is most convenient for you.


Your private papers always need to be protected even when it’s time to dispose of them.  We hope that we have helped you understand your options.  We would be happy to assist you with the secure shredding of your documents.  For more information please contact TimeShred today! .