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The Bronx’s Residential Shredding Solution Is Time Shred Services

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We bring document shredding services to your Bronx home Monday through Saturday!

Time Shred Services in a mobile shredding company that has a fleet of paper destruction trucks that comes to your residence in the Bronx to destroy your important papers right in front of you.

You probably have old tax returns, bills, medical records and even junk mail at home that you don’t need anymore.  You would like to get rid of them because they are taking up a lot of space.  Most people just throw them in the trash can or put it out with the recyclables, BIG MISTAKE!  When you put your documents in the trash anyone can have access to them.  The best and safest way to dispose of your unwanted documents and files is to shred them.  Shredding makes them unreadable so there is no worry of some identity thief using your information

It is So Easy to Start Shredding

Pick up the phone and give us a call, we are always ready to help you with the secure destruction of your files.  We will explain how our residential shredding service works and answer any questions you have. We will also give you a great price and if you like what you hear and are ready to move forward we can schedule your paper shredding service.

You Pick the Day

When do you want to have your documents destroyed? You can schedule the destruction of your files any day Monday through Saturday that works best for you. We also offer next day service so you could have your papers destroyed tomorrow if you would like.

When the Truck Arrives

Our paper shredding truck pulls up to your Bronx home and our uniformed technician will hop out, introduce himself and show you his picture ID.  Then under your direction, he will place your document into a security bin and it will be locked.
The locked bin is then brought to the truck just outside and the trucks shredding system will lift the bin and empty your documents into the shredder and they are destroyed.  You can go to the truck with the bin and see your documents being shredded on the TV screen on the side of the truck.

What Makes Time Shred Services Unique?

At Time Shred Services, we go above and beyond to serve our customers. Here are some of the benefits we offer for you:

  • Next-Day Services. When you need quick-turnaround document shredding, contact us for our next-day services Monday – Saturday.
  • Onsite Shredding Services. We understand that you don’t have time in your busy schedule to bring all of your documents to an external shredding location. That’s why the Time Shred professionals come to you.
  • AAA Certified Services. We meet and exceed the highest industry standards to provide you with the best possible services, so you can rest easy knowing that your shredding job is in great hands.
  • An Advanced Shredding Fleet. Each of our advanced shredding trucks can process upwards of 6,000 lbs. of documents each hour, which means that your shredding job will be completed quickly and easily.
  • Our Staff. Our staff is well trained and are background checked and drug tested.
  • We Recycle. All of the documents we shred are recycled and used to make other paper products.

Call Us Today!

If you’re interested in our high-quality shredding services, contact us today at (718)875-1200. We’re happy to spend all the time needed to answer your questions and address all of your concerns. We’re here for all of your Bronx paper shredding needs, and we look forward to serving you soon.