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05 February 2020

Professional Shredding Services Reduces Risk

Professional Destruction Services Reduces Risk

Business risk is the exposure a company or organization has to factor that will lower its profits, negatively affect its business or lead it to failure. Anything that threatens a company’s ability to meet its target or achieve its financial goals is called business risk.  Risks are inherent to every environment and business. They cannot be avoided and, so, must be addressed head-on to minimize their impact.

One risk we want to address here is identity theft and data breaches. Every business has proprietary information, client information and employee records stored that is necessary for the operation of their business. Your competitors would love to get their hands on client lists, pricing sheets or any information they can use to get a competitive advantage. Identity thieves want the information of your clients and employees to use for their nefarious reasons. If a leak of information is caused by your firm and it affects one of your clients or your employees the loss in confidence in your company may never be repaired or worse yet the liability for the leak could be financially devastating.

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Document Destruction Services Mitigate Risk

It’s wise to ensure your company has a document destruction policy in place. Protect data by creating a policy and training all of your employees to follow the policy. The key aspect of any business records disposal policy is to have a “Shred All” policy. Since half of every document has confidential information on them the safest course of action is to destroy all papers that are no longer needed.

Be Compliant With Privacy Laws

You are legally required to protect private information. These laws extend beyond the actual destruction of the documents and include the chain of custody of the papers until they are shredded.

Hire Professionals

When you hire a professional document destruction service, be sure to find one that is NAID AAA Certified. This certification means they exceed the strictest standards in the industry and they satisfy the requirements of all privacy laws when it comes to the proper and safe disposal of documents.

We make Risk Reduction Easy

First, we are a mobile on-site shredding service which means all the destruction of your business records happens at your location. We offer two services, one time and scheduled service. Time service is what the name implies it is paper shredding just once or anytime you decide you need it done. When and how often is up to you. When you set up a recurring schedule with your shredding service, locked containers remain in your office and all you and your staff have to do is deposit documents in the containers when necessary. Then on a regular schedule, our trained shredding service technicians will collect their contents from each container and destroy them with the truck sitting just outside your office.

Time Shred Services is NAID AAA Certified. We have years of expertise in helping our customers destroy their sensitive documents and digital storage devices. Contact us today for a quote and to make an appointment right away.