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21 June 2019

Why Choose a Professional Paper Shredding Service?

Document destruction is necessary to protect your private information and it is also required by law for businesses, organizations, and healthcare providers that work with private information. These entities are required to keep client, patient, and employee information secure and maintain a record of how documents with this information have been destroyed. At any time you could be subject to an audit to ensure compliance with both federal and state privacy regulations, including HIPAA, FACTA, GLA, GLB, FERPA and GSA.

Choosing a Shredding Vendor

When comparing document destruction vendors, it is important to choose one that is certified by and adheres to the standards established by The National Association for Information Destruction, or NAID. This means the company follows all required safety and security procedures and has been and will continue to be audited by NAID to maintain its certification.  They should also provide you with a certificate of destruction that will be your proof of compliance which you are required to have whether or not you are ever audited. Additionally, all employees of NAID-certified shredding companies must go through thorough and initial and annual background checks and drug testing before being hired and maintain their employment.  They must also pass a specified training program.

The Cost for Shredding

The price will vary depending on how much and how often you need paper destruction services.  There are two types of services with different pricing, One-time and Scheduled Service.

One-time Shredding– This service is when you only need to destroy documents occasionally.  The pricing for this service is by the box or bin.  By the box is just a cost per box and you pay for the number of boxes shredded.  The box price may be different based on the side of the box.  This is not usually a good way to go because every box is usually not full so you end up paying for services you’re not getting.  The other pricing for this purge service is by the bin.  Your documents are placed into a bin that is a large plastic container on wheels with a security top.  Then you pay per the number of bins shredded.  The bin usually comes in two sizes, a 65 gallon or 95 gallon container.  The 65 gallon bin hold 200 pounds of paper and the 95 gallon bin holds 300 pounds.  If you are getting a price per bin make sure you know the size the company is giving you so you can accurately compare pricing.

Scheduled Shredding –   A scheduled service is when you need shredding on an ongoing basis.  Locked containers that come in various sizes are provided by the document destruction company for you to keep in your office to discard documents in.  Then they come on a regular schedule to empty and destroy the contents of the containers.  You are usually charged a price per container every time they come to service your location.  The containers come in various sizes based on available space in your office and the amount to paper you are disposing of on a regular basis.  The company should work with you to determine what is the best schedule for you.

For more help in determining when you may need a paper shredding service or how to decide which service is right for you, just give Time Shred a call we would be happy to help.