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27 December 2017

The Benefits of Document Shredding

Reduce the Need for Office Space – Let’s face it; office space is expensive in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey. The more efficiently you use your office, the more this helps to keep the square footage you need to rent to the optimum size for your business. But it takes work to do that. Your business records are taking up a lot of space in your office. A single file cabinet uses 7 square feet of office space. So the best way to reduce the space for files is to shred the files you don’t need anymore. You need to have a “Record Retention Policy”. Simply put, it is a list of documents you use in your business and the duration in which they need to be kept. Then your employees follow that policy and shred the documents as soon as they have reached the end of their retention period. This way you will always be working toward the proper amount of the files you must maintain in your office.

document shredding benifits

Reduce the Need for Off-site Storage – When you have an ongoing document destruction program in place to reduce the need for off-site document storage, you thereby reduce your document storage costs.

In-house Shredding Wastes Your Employees’ Valuable Time – It’s hard to find good employees and when you do, you want all of their talents focused on proper tasks to maintain and grow your business. Don’t waste their valuable time sitting in front of some small personal shredder feeding a page or two at a time when you can hire a professional onsite shredding service to do it at a fraction of the cost.

Reduce Trash Costs – When you hire a professional document destruction service and you choose their ongoing schedule shredding service you will be reducing the volume of regular trash you have, here’s why. With scheduled shredding you are provided with security containers that your staff will now dispose of all paper documents in. Then the mobile shredding service will come to your office and empty and shred the contents of the security containers. The destroyed documents will be taken away by the paper shredding company thereby reducing the amount or regular trash you have and the cost to it.

Document Shredding Services Benefit the Environment – All of the documents that are destroyed by an outsourced shredding service are sent for recycling. That shredded paper is sent to a paper mill where it is turned into paper pulp and then used to make other paper products. Every ton of shredded paper that is recycled will save 17 trees.

There are many benefits with professional documents shredding services. You should take advantage of every benefit you can.

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Jim Dowse, CSDS

Jim Dowse is the COO of Time Shred Services. Jim has over 35 years’ experience in the document management and document shredding industry and runs Time Shred Services with a staff of the most accomplished professionals in the document destruction industry. Under Jim’s leadership Time Shred has grown to be the largest locally owned Document Shredding company in the New York City area. Since we are a local business, we have a vested interest in providing the residents and businesses in our community with the best shredding service possible. Jim recognized that there was a need for a better and more convenient document shredding service that provided customers with shredding services when they needed it Monday through Saturday and Time Shred was born. Jim is also a CSDS, Certified Secure Destruction Specialist. This is the highest individual certification for an individual in the document shredding industry. This Author Biography is courtesy of i-Sigma