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15 September 2022

Document Shredding is a Necessity For Every Everyone!

person holding shredded document

Shredding papers and files are essential to protect your confidential Information.  Whether it’s your personal documents at home or your business records at work more than half of all documents contain some piece of information that privacy laws require they be shredded.  It’s not worth it to take any chances, make sure you have all the documents you are disposing of shredded.

Shredding Is Being Responsible

The responsible reason to shred is the necessity to protect the private information of your customers and employees.  Remember, those customers you rely on for business, have trusted you with their personal information so you need to respect their privacy and protect their information.   The violation of that trust could result in a loss of confidence that your business may not recover from.

Shredding Is Required By Law

The regulatory reason is quite simple; privacy laws require you to protect personally identifiable information.  Non-compliance will result in stiff fines and penalties.  These legal protections extend to when documents are being discarded, so it is important to shred all papers being thrown away to avoid penalties and fines that could be devastating to your company and may result in your company going out of business.

Paper Shredding Can Be Convenient

Time Shred Services understands how important it is to shred documents to protect your confidential information.  We also understand that it’s a service and we have to make it convenient for our customers.  That’s why Time Shred Services offer on-site document destruction services six days a week so you can have your papers destroyed when it is convenient for you.

Destruction of Paper Records

You have two choices for the secure disposal of paper records: One-time and Scheduled shredding.

One-time paper Shredding – When you don’t need to destroy documents that often then you need to ask your document destruction company for one-time shredding services.  It’s the perfect option for a file purge or any occasional need to securely dispose of documents and files.  Time Shred Services is a mobile shredding service so we can go to any location you have documents and shred them there.  So it is as convenient to have files destroyed in your office as it is to have them done at an offsite storage facility or even at your home.

Scheduled Document Shredding – When your firm is throwing away business documents regularly, you can’t just put them in a trash can, dumpster, or recycle bin as they need to be shredded.  Scheduled service is an easy way to accomplish that.  Your service provider should be able to supply you with security containers to be kept in your office where staff can easily use these to dispose of all documents.  Document destruction specialists will come to your location on a regular schedule to remove and shred the papers inside each locked container.

Time Shred Services is a local onsite shredding service that provides document destruction to businesses and residents located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester, New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut.  For more information give us a call or visit