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12 April 2023

Here’s Why Your Office Needs a Shredding Service

Here’s Why Your Office Needs a Shredding Service

More than half of every document you create or receive in your office has some piece of information on them that privacy laws require they be shredded.  So, every time a piece of paper is thrown away in a wastepaper basket you could be exposing your business, clients, and employees to a data breach and legal violation.  Not to mention the fines and penalties that come with the violations.  The easiest way to prevent any of this from happening is to have a professional shredding service in place at your office.

Some Companies Don’t Survive A Data Breach

You need to be aware that many companies don’t survive their first data breach. We know that taking care of clients, maintaining your books and records, and many other things, are important but you can’t forget about protecting your confidential information.  You have to make document destruction a priority.  Securely disposing of documents is an important part of the daily operation of your organization.  Regardless of the industry you are in you have to be mindful of what happens to paper records when they are no longer needed.

It’s Important To Every Industry

Business record shredding is particularly important for the medical and legal communities because of the sensitive nature of the information they deal with, but it is also critical in any business that deals with people’s information. If your company deals with information, no matter the degree of sensitivity, you will need shredding services. You should consider hiring a professional shredding service to help you put together a document destruction program that is secure, compliant, and easy for you and your staff.

What Next?

Call a professional document destruction service; let their expertise and knowledge guide you.  They will help you determine if you need a one-time service or an Ongoing Scheduled service.

Onetime shredding or often referred to as purge service is when organizations only need to have documents and files destroyed occasionally.  With this service, you can call to have business records destroyed only when you need them.  It is a great option that offers you a lot of flexibility but remembers to keep records secure at all times until they are shredded.

Ongoing Scheduled Document Destruction is for those companies that are throwing away documents often if not daily.  The shredding service will provide you with security containers that come in various sizes to work in any size office or layout.  From then on you will be disposing of all papers in one of these locked containers instead of a wastebasket. The various containers are placed throughout your office so your staff will have easy access to them to deposit documents.  They are then emptied, and the contents are destroyed on an ongoing schedule.    It is strongly suggested that you have a regular schedule, so documents don’t sit in these containers for an undetermined amount of time.

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