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08 December 2017

Moving? It’s a Good Time to Shred

When you’re moving your office or your home it’s time to think about document shredding services.  Old documents should never just be thrown in the regular garbage; they need to be shred for your protection!


moving and shredding

Residential & Business Shredding

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, you will be disposing of items before you move because why pay for belongings to be moved if you don’t need them anymore?  Out of these items, there is one thing that you will no doubt be disposing of; that is any old or unnecessary documents. Before you throw them away, be sure to have them shred.

Your information can be stolen from many different types of documents such as financial records, business proposals, customer files, tax returns, bills, junk mail, prescription drug information, check book reorder forms, and magazine labels.  These documents and many others, become potential targets for identity thieves and corporate espionage spies.

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that one consumer is the victim of identity theft every 22 minutes. Your garbage is where they can most easily gain access to your private information.  Shredding is the best way to stop anyone from having access to your sensitive information.

Office Move

When you’re moving your office it is highly recommended that you start a file purge campaign.  Begin by contacting a document shredding service, as they can make the process very easy for you.  They can provide you with bins that can be placed in convenient locations throughout your office so all of your staff has access to them.  With these bins in place, your staff can go through their files and place any documents they have determined are not needed anymore, in the bins and the document destruction company will come and shred them.  This process can continue until your file purge has been completed.  Give yourself and your staff plenty of time to go through your business records because taking your time will be more successful than waiting until the last minute.  Also, don’t forget file rooms and general files areas.  Someone needs to be made responsible for them.

Household Move

It’s amazing how many documents accumulate over time at home.  Before you move, just go through them and place the papers you don’t need any more into garbage bags or boxes.  When you’re done give a local document shredding service a call, and tell them how many garbage bags or boxes you have of old documents to be shredded. Based on this information they can give you an expected cost. Some document destruction companies will come to your home on Saturdays which make it very convenient for some families, so don’t forget to ask about weekly service hours.

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