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21 December 2017

Why You Need On-Going Document Shredding Services

Many businesses are surprised to learn that 45% of the documents they create in the normal course of a business day, are thrown away that same very day. Not to mention, there are also the documents that are received on a daily basis that get discarded.

One other important statistic to put this all together is that half of these documents have confidential information in them that federal and state privacy laws require be securely shred before they are disposed of.

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The first procedure you should institute in your office is a “Shred All Policy”. Since you throw away almost half of the documents you create every day, and half of them have private information, don’t take a chance that someone may put a document in the regular trash that could lead to an information breach or violate any privacy laws. Shred everything.

You need a way to make this easy in your office, and this is where an on-going scheduled shredding service comes in. The document destruction company will provide you with security containers to be distributed throughout your office so all of your employees will have easy access to them. Instead of throwing paper documents in a waste basket like regular trash, you put the documents into the security containers that are entirely secured and lockable. The shredding service will then come to your office on a regular schedule to empty the containers and shred the documents.

The volume of paper does not matter. The paper shredding service should be able to give you scheduling options that take into consideration your paper usage. Your shredding schedule could be weekly to monthly with options in between. The important point is that you need to have a consistent schedule that all of your employees know about. You don’t want documents with confidential information sitting in a container for an undetermined amount of time.

Outsourcing your document shredding will also save you time and money. The industrial paper shredding truck will destroy your documents very quickly with little or no effort from you or your staff. If you were to use a small in-office shredder it would take a lot of time for a member of your staff that you are paying, and could be doing more productive tasks for your business.

One last point; it is highly recommended that you use a company that provides on-site shredding services. On-site shredding means that your documents are destroyed at your location, rather than being removed and taken to another facility and shredded later. Mobile shredding is just more secure and convenient.

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