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10 June 2023

YES, We Do Provide Residential Shredding

YES, We Do Provide Residential Shredding

Every day we get asked by customers if we do Residential Shredding.  When we let them know that we do we can sense the feeling of relief they have when they have finally found a company that will actually come to their home to shred their personal papers.


Some Shredding Companies Stay Away from Home Shredding


We can’t explain why so many document destruction companies don’t want to service residential customers.  When you speak with them. they may just say no or give you a number of reasons.  As soon as they say no, just move on, don’t waste your time.  


Be Prepared With Questions


Any shredding service you call should give you the feeling that they are delighted you have contacted them, they should be eager to answer all your questions and explain how their document destruction service works.  You should also be able to get a quote right over the phone.  If you have any trouble with getting any information or you get a bad feeling about the way they are responding to you, consider calling another company.  Most residential customers don’t need to shred that often so here are some questions that will help you choose the best document destruction company to shred your personal files.

Here Are Some Suggested Questions To Ask:

  1. Do you come to people’s homes to shred their documents?
  2. Do you shred the documents onsite before you leave?
  3. Can I see the papers being shredded?
  4. Is there a minimum cost?
  5. Do you charge any extra fees or surcharges?
  6. If my documents are in the basement or on the second floor, will they carry them down and is there a fee for that?
  7. Do you offer appointments Monday through Saturday?
  8. Can I choose the day I want my shredding service?
  9. How much-advanced notice do you require?
  10. What payment forms do you accept?


Be Prepared To Provide Information to the Shredding Company


The more information you provide, the more accurate quote you will be provided.  Here are some suggestions.


  1. If your documents are in boxes know the size of the carton. There are two standard boxes for files: the small file box that is 15” x 12” x 10 ½” or the legal box that is 24” x 15” x 10 ½”.  If you are using different boxes provide all three dimensions.
  2. If you are using garbage bags to separate the files for destruction, know the gallon capacity of the Also let them know how full they are.  Usually, they are never filled to capacity because they become too heavy to move around.
  3. If your papers are in plastic containers provide the dimensions.
  4. If your records are in file cabinets provide the type of cabinet, vertical or lateral. the number of drawers there are and the width of the drawers.
  5. If your files are stacked one on top of the other, provide the linear inches of the files. The linear inches are measured from the base to the top of each stack of paper.
  6. The more information you can provide the more accurate a quote will be and the better prepared the shredding service will be to perform the right residential service for you.


Other Information That Is Helpful


Let the shredding service know about any special circumstances.  For example. 

  1. If you need it completed before a specific date.
  2. Are there any restrictions at the property.
  3. Do they need to provide an insurance certificate.
  4. Are the papers wet.


Time Shred Services is a local onsite shredding service that provides document destruction to businesses and residents located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester, New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut.  For more information give us a call or visit



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