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01 May 2018

You’re Using More Paper

The average office generates 25% more paper every year.  Even as companies attempts to go paperless, paper usage is continuing to grow.  The more paper your office uses, the more document shredding services you will need.

increased paper use

The majority of the documents your office creates have information on them that need to be disposed of in a manner that is secure and ensures information cannot be accessed again. Privacy laws require this and secure document shredding is the only method that guarantees security. Another surprising statistic is that 45% of every document you print in your office each day is discarded the same day.  That means those documents should be shredded.

You Need to Secure Your Papers for Destruction

To be compliant with privacy laws you can’t just put papers and files into an open waste basket.  They need to be placed into a locked container so they are secure at all times with no access to them.  The question is where do you find such a container?  We have the answer.

Call Document Shredding Professionals

Not only will a document destruction company securely destroy your business records, they will provide you with lockable containers to hold your documents in until they are shredded.  The security containers come in various sizes so they will work in any office regardless of space limitations.

Make it Easy for Your Staff

This approach works best when document disposal is easy for your staff. Be sure your employees can quickly access the security containers so that papers are in fact deposited securely. These should ideally be placed just steps away from their work area.  Make sure the document destruction vendor you choose will provide you with any quantity necessary to outfit your entire office with containers, so all of your employees can conveniently use a secure repository for papers.

When You Need To Shred Often

If you are like most businesses you are throwing away paper documents every day.  The right service for you is Scheduled Shredding.  It is document destruction that is completed on a regular schedule.  Most companies will allow you to choose a schedule that can be from weekly to monthly or anything in between.  If that is too often, ask about an every other month or quarterly schedule.  It is always best to have a consistent schedule.  You don’t want documents sitting in containers for an undetermined amount of time.

What if You Need Shredding Occasionally       

Document destruction only when you need it, is called One-time or Purge service.  It allows you to call a shredding service only when you have the need.  Some companies do a file purge every year or your company may be overwhelmed with documents that have accumulated over a number of years and you simply don’t need them anymore. If they are taking up too much space in your office this is another great reason to use one-time services.  For these and many other reasons, the flexibility of a onetime service is the answer.    

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