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Document shredding is easy and convenient in the Chelsea section of New York City for businesses and residents when they call Time Shred Services. All it takes is just one call to learn about our services, get a very fair quote and schedule your document destruction service.

On-site Shredding

We have a fleet of powerful paper shredding trucks that are available to come to your Chelsea location to destroy your private files onsite.  Our truck arrives at your home or office and our well trained uniformed shredding technician will introduce himself and show you his company issued photo ID.  Then under your direction he will place your documents into a bin that will be locked to insure the security of your information.  The bin is taken to the paper shredding truck and your documents are immediately destroyed.  You also have to option to watch your papers being shredded with trucks camera system that has a viewing station conveniently located on the side of the truck.

We Are Ready When You Are

You choose the day you want your documents shredded.  We offer next day service Monday through Saturday.  You should be able to choose a shredding company that comes when it is best for you not only when they are available.   If you have an emergency we may be able to come the same day.

Secure Business Shredding

Businesses in the Chelsea NYC area have a responsibility to protect the private information of their clients and employees not to mention the need to protect their proprietary information.  The best way to do that is with onsite document destruction services with Time Shred Services.  We offer two types of business services, One-time and Scheduled Shredding Services.

One-time Shredding – Even when you don’t need to securely destroy business records that often you still have the option to hire a professional information destruction company with our Onetime Shredding Service.  Our One-Time service is document destruction only when you have the need.  So if it’s time for your annual file purge or you just have accumulated a lot of files you just need to get rid of then our onetime purge service will work best for you.

Scheduled Shredding – Many businesses throw away documents every day in the normal course of business.  Many of those documents may have information on them that are required by privacy laws to be shredded to protect the confidential information on them. For these businesses we offer our Scheduled Shredding Service.   We supply security containers to be placed in convenient locations throughout your office so your staff can dispose all paper business records in them.  Then we set up an automatic schedule where we come to empty the security containers and shred all the documents.  You can choose a schedule that is weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly.  Our scheduled document destruction service takes the guess work out of information protection and makes it automatic.

Residential Shredding

Bring professional shredding services home with our mobile residential shredding service.  You have documents at home with private information on them that just can’t be put in the garbage.  To protect yourself against identity theft you need to shred all documents at home before your dispose of them.  Time Shred makes residential shredding easy.  Just give us a call to get a price and schedule your residential document destruction service.  We will come to your Chelsea home any day you want Monday through Saturday and shred your documents right in front of you.

Hard Drive Destruction

Businesses and residents in Chelsea NYC all have computers of some type.  It may be a desk top, laptop, tablet or mobile phone they all have a hard drive of some type that stores private information.  When those electronic devices get replaced the hard drives have to be removed and physically destroyed so the information can no longer be accessed.  For that reason we offer our onsite hard drive destruction service where we come to your Chelsea location in New York City and destroy your hard drives.  We come to you and record the serial number of each hard drive then we physically destroy them and give you a certificate of destruction showing the serial number of each hard drive we destroy.  The destroyed hard drives are also taken away to recycle the metal and plastic.

We can bring our professional information destruction services to your Chelsea location all you have to do is call.

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