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Little Italy in Lower Manhattan is rich in history and information. When that information is no longer needed Time Shred has an easy way to securely get rid of your private papers and business records. Our mobile shredding service will come to your location place your documents into a secure bin and take it to the paper shredding truck and they will be destroyed right away. To schedule your document destruction appointment with great pricing and shredding options give us a call. We offer next day service Monday through Saturday so it is easy to have your files shredded when it is best for you.

About Time Shred

We are a local document destruction company that has been servicing the shredding needs of businesses and residents of Little Italy for many years.  You’re not a number with Time Shred, you get the individual attention that you deserve.  Our staff is well trained so they are prepared for any special needs of our clients.  We have a fleet of the most advance paper shredding trucks in the industry that perform all services onsite at our customers location.

The Shredding Process

On the day of your appointment we send one of our industrial shredding trucks to your location.  When we arrive we will ask you to show us what papers you would like destroyed.   Your files will be placed into a bin which is a 95 gallon container on wheels that holds 300 pounds of paper.  After your documents have been placed inside our bin it will be locked so your information is secure during the whole process.  The bin will then be taken to the truck where a mechanical bin tipper will lift and empty the bin into the shredder.  Your files are destroyed right away.  You can also accompany your papers to the truck and watch the destruction of your personal papers as it happens on a screen on the side of the truck.

Business Shredding

Every company uses paper documents that need to be disposed of at some time.  It may be regularly or on occasion but you will need professional shredding services.  We offer tow option that can satisfy any document destruction need, One-time and Scheduled Serivce.

One-time shredding is for the occasional need to securely dispose of business records.  You may have a annual file purge of you just need to make more room in your office.  Whatever the reason our onetime service is ready whenever you are.

Scheduled shredding satisfies the need of those companies that use and dispose of paper records on a regular basis if not daily.  We supply your office with containers that will securely store those papers until they are destroyed.  You will be placing all paper documents in these containers instead of open waste baskets.   We will come to your office on a recurring schedule to empty and destroy the contents of each container.  We suggest you choose a weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly schedule.  Consistency is more successful with information protection.

Residential Shredding

When you need to destroy your personal documents at home you don’t have to worry about anything because we come to you to shred your documents.  Let’s face it boxes or garbage bags full of paper are heavy.  It is not convenient if you have to carry them somewhere to have your files shredded.  Let’s us come to you any day you want Monday through Saturday and do all the work for you.

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