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Simple Solutions for any Upper West Side document shredding need

The upper west side of Manhattan has the reputation of being New York City’s cultural and intellectual hub. It also is a place where you have to be smart about protecting your private information from getting into the wrong hands with onsite shredding services.

On-site Shredding

With Time Shred Services you won’t have to leave your Upper West Side home or office to have your documents securely destroyed because we come to you.  We have a fleet of paper shredding trucks that allows us to shred your documents conveniently just outside your location.  There is no reason for you to have to take your heavy boxes of files to some other location, we come to you and do all the work.

Get Information and a Quote

When you call Time Shred you get an actual knowledgeable person that answers the telephone to assist you.  We are happy to explain our services and answer your questions.  We will also give you a quote based on your shredding needs and then schedule your service appointment.  It’s that quick and easy.

Choose a Date

We understand you’re busy so we make it easy to fit shredding your papers into your schedule.  We destroy documents Monday through Saturday with only one day notice.  All you have to do is tell us what day is best for you.

How to Get Ready

There is not much for you to do other than identify what documents you need shredded.  We have strong industrial shredders that can destroy seal envelopes, staples, paper clips, rubber bands, binder clips and file fasteners so there is no reason for you to remove them.  We will also do the heavy lifting so there is no reason for you to carry your heavy files up or down stairs, we are happy to do it for you.

Shredding Day

When our paper shredding truck pulls up to your Upper West Side location our uniformed driver will introduce himself and show you his picture ID.  He will then empty the containers holding your documents into one of our bins.  The bin will be locked and your protected files will be taken to the truck.  The shredding system will raise the bin and empty the papers into the shredder and all of your documents will be destroyed.  We invite you to go to the truck a see your files being shredded on a monitor mounted on the side of the truck.

Shred Once or Shred Frequently

We are happy to service a one-time or ongoing document destruction needs.  Our one-time service is for any occasional reason to destroy private papers.  For an ongoing need our scheduled service has all the options to make the frequent need to destroy files easy.  It starts with Time Shred providing our consoles or bins to be placed in your office so you have a place to securely dispose of your papers.  Then we come automatically on the schedule you choose.  We have weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks of monthly options.

Residential Shredding

You want convenience when you are ordering services in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Document destruction is no different.  Regardless of how many documents you have at home that need to be shredded they are heavy.  It’s not easy to have to transport them somewhere to have them destroyed.  With Time Shred you don’t, we come to you with a commercial shredding truck and all of your private papers are destroyed at your residential location.  We are happy to service you any day you prefer Monday through Saturday.

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives become old and outdated just like paper documents.  When that time comes they also need to be destroyed in a secure manner.  Time Shred offer onsite hard drive destruction services that insures your information will never be able to be accessed again after we are done destroying it.

We appreciate you considering Time Shred Services and we look forward to the opportunity to service your shredding needs.

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