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The residents and businesses in Midtown Manhattan’s Time Square area need to securely destroy documents more than just once per year. Time Shred Services makes it easy to professionally destroy your confidential documents at your location all year long. Our on-site document destruction service is available Monday through Saturday so you can pick the day. We will be happy to give you a quote and schedule your shredding service right over the phone so give us a call.

We Keep Information Safe

Identity theft has no limits and continues to grow.  Federal and State Privacy laws require individuals and businesses to protect private information even when it is being disposed of.  To comply with these requirements and not to undermine your client’s confidence in you or your business you need a secure way to destroy this information.   Our onsite shredding service is the most secure and convenient way for businesses and residents in the Time Square area to destroy their paper records because everything is completed at your location.  Your papers don’t leave until they have been turned into unreadable particles.

Business Shredding

Businesses, healthcare providers and organization of all kinds use more and more information every day to service their clients and patients.  In many cases that information is used and then discarded.  We offer two basic services to insure secure disposal, One-time and Scheduled Shredding Services.

One-time shredding allows you to responsibly destroy documents only when you have the need.  There is no requirement for the amount of documents to be shredded or the frequency.  You contact when you would like to destroy business records and we are happy to take care of it for you.

Schedule Shredding will support a “Shred All” policy to ensure your firm is compliant with all privacy laws and regulations on an ongoing basis.  We will help you institute this by providing you with security containers to be distributed throughout your offices so business papers are no longer put into open waste baskets.  Then our staff will arrive on a recurring schedule to empty and destroy the papers  deposited in the containers.  Your schedule can be weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly and can be adjusted with changes in your disposal habits.

Residential Shredding   

Time Shred Services will come to your Time Square home and destroy your documents.  There is no heavy lifting on your part we do all the work and you will have an opportunity to witness the shredding as it happen.  To have one of our industrial document destruction trucks to come to your home any day that is good for you Monday through Saturday just give us a call.

Hard Drive Destruction

Destroying old hard drives is important because of all of the information they are able to store.  Many people are surprised to learn that a single hard drive can store millions of pages of documents not to mention all of the internet activity and transactions it saves.  When you hire Time Shred to destroy your hard drives the information will no longer be able to be retrieved.  After the service is performed we provide you with a certificate of destruction listing each hard drive by serial number.

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