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Time Shred Services brings on site document destruction to upper Manhattan’s Morningside Heights residents and business. With just a phone call you can learn about our shredding options, get a quote and set up your shredding service. We are available Monday through Saturday. We make having your personal papers or business records securely destroyed at your location that easy. You may ask how your papers are actually destroyed, we bring one of our industrial paper shredding trucks to your home or office and your papers are destroyed there. You are also able to see the destruction of your files as it happens on a monitor on the side of our truck.

Why Time Shred

Time Shred is the best company for you because we make our document destruction service about you and your needs.  We listen to every one of our customers so we can recommend a service that is right for them.  We also make ourselves available when document destruction fits best into your schedule.  We come to your location to shred your confidential papers and we do all the work.  We work hard for every customer so you will use us again and recommend us to others.

 Shredding for Business

You can’t operate your business without information.  A lot of that information is on paper documents.  When it is time to dispose of them it has to be done in a secure manner for legal and ethical reasons.  We offer two options; One-time and Scheduled service.

One-time shredding is a convenient way for you to dispose of business records only when you have the need.  It is professional document destruction only when you decide you need it.  You may want to wait until accumulate a certain volume of paper before your call us or it may be event driven such as an office move or an annual file purge.

Schedule shredding is for those firms that handle a lot of paper files and dispose of them regularly.  We have an easy way for businesses to do that.  We provide our consoles and bins to be distributed throughout your office.  Then your staff disposes all paper records in the containers instead of any waste baskets.  On a regular schedule we will come to your office and empty and shred the contents of each bin or console.  You can have a weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly schedule.

Residential Shredding

Having your personal papers destroyed at home is a whole lot easier if your call Time Shred Services because we come to you.  Our onsite residential shredding service is available Monday through Saturday so you never have to change your schedule for us or take off a day from work.   Your private files are destroyed just steps away from your front door and you will also have the opportunity to see your files being shredded with the closed circuit monitor on the side of the truck.

We look forward to helping you with your upcoming shredding project so give Time Shred a call today to get a quote and set up your appointment.

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