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When you need shredding services in Hell’s Kitchen you don’t have to look far. Time Shred Services is a local document destruction company that will come right to your residence or place of business to securely destroy your personal files or business records. The staff at Time Shred is very experienced and helpful all you have to do is give us a call. We will listen to your  needs and recommend a shredding service, give you a very fair quote and schedule your appointment for the date you want all on the same  phone call.

Mobile Shredding

On the day of your shredding service we come to you with our industrial paper destruction trucks and all of your papers and files are quickly and securely destroyed at your location.  When our truck pulls up you will see one of our uniformed technicians jump out of the truck eager to assist you.  He will show you his company issued picture ID.  Then under your direction he will place your documents into one of our bins that will be locked so your information stays secure.  The bin is then taken to the truck where an independent system lifts the bin and empties the contents into the shredder and they are destroyed.

Shredding for Businesses

Every business has a legal and ethical responsibility to protect the private information they use to operate their company.  Time Shred offer two ways to do that with our One-time and Scheduled document shredding services.

One-time shredding is the option that makes professional document destruction available to you only when you need it.  Our onetime service is for any occasional need to destroy business records.  We will service and size project and any frequency even if you need us just once.

Scheduled shredding is for those companies that need to dispose of paper documents often.  We provide locking containers for your staff to conveniently dispose of papers in.  Then on a repeating schedule we come to your office and empty and destroy the contents of each container.  You can choose a schedule that is weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Residential Shredding

Many Manhattan residents are surprised to learn that there really is a document destruction service that will come to your house.  Time Shred Services will come to your home Monday through Saturday to destroy your personal papers and files so they can’t get into the wrong hands.  Our onsite residential shredding service is the most convenient and secure way for you to eliminate those unnecessary private files.

Hard Drive Destruction

A hard drive is just like a file room but with a lot more space.  A single hard drive can store millions of pages of documents.  Those documents have confidential information on them that does not disappear when you press the delete button.  When you replace a computer you need to make sure your remove the hard drive from the old one and have it destroyed.  Time Shred will come to your location and physically destroy your hard drives so your information is gone for good.

We look forward to assisting you with your information destruction needs so give us a call today!

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