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The Flatiron District in Manhattan has an easy and convenient way to have their private documents professionally shredded. Just one call to Time Shred Services is all it takes to get a price and schedule your document destruction service. Since we offer our shredding services Monday through Saturday it is also easy to pick the best date for Time Shred to come to your home or office to destroy your private papers.

Why You Need Document Destruction Services

Every day, documents mistakenly get thrown away in the regular trash or recycling bins throughout Manhattan making it easy for identity thieves and corporate espionage spies to legally remove the papers from the trash and use the information for illegal purposes. Safeguarding against identity theft and information breaches means you must shred all your documents being disposed of without exception.

Information Protection Made Easy

Time Shred protects resident and businesses throughout Manhattan by offering a wide range of document destruction services that insures the highest level of security for your confidential information:

  • Mobile shredding
  • One-time purge shredding
  • Scheduled Shredding
  • Residential shredding

On-Site Paper Shredding is The Most Secure Option

Mobile shredding brings professional document destruction to your Manhattan location.  Residents and business don’t have to remove their sensitive papers from their home or office to have them destroyed because we will bring one of our industrial shredding trucks them to obliterate the files onsite.  There is not a more secure and convenient option than our mobile shredding service.

One-time Destruction of Business Records

Onetime Purge Shredding allows businesses to call for our professional document destruction services only when you have the need.  When is entirely up to you, you may need us just once for a large file purge or just a few time during the year.  We are happy to service your company any time you want for any size project even if it is just a couple of boxes of old files.

Ongoing Office Shredding Programs

Scheduled Shredding affords you an easy way to securely dispose of company files on an ongoing basis.  It’s easy because we provide you with locking bins and consoles to be distributed throughout your office and all you have to do is put the documents you don’t want anymore in them.  Then we come on a recurring schedule to empty each container and shred the contents.  You can have a weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly automatic schedule.

Residential Shredding

Don’t take your personal papers anywhere to be destroyed because Time Shred will come to your home and shred them there.  Let’s face when you start going through your files and place papers to be destroyed in a box or garbage bags they get very heavy very quickly.  Let us do all the heavy work all you have to do is pick up the phone and set up your residential shredding service.  We will gladly come to your residence any day you would like Monday through Saturday.

Hard Drive Destruction

If a hard drive could talk that would be dangerous because of the tremendous amount of private information on them.  That’s why when you replace computers you need to have the hard drives from the old ones destroyed so the information can never be accessed again.  Our onsite service will come to you and destroy each hard drive.

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