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Shredding Services in Midtown Manhattan 

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When You Need To Shred Documents in Midtown Manhattan We Come to You!

Midtown Manhattan contains the highest concentration of business and residents compared to any other part of New York City.  That’s a lot people and businesses with a lot of information that needs to be protected with secure onsite shredding services.

When you have to destroy documents with your private information just give Time Shred a call.  We have great people to assist from start to finish.  We explain our services and answer all of your questions.  We also help you determine how much and how often you need to shred so we can give you a quote.  If you are ready you can also schedule your document destruction appointment for as soon as tomorrow.

We Shred Monday – Saturday

When you need to hire a company to service you shredding needs wouldn’t it be nice to have that company come on a day that works best for you.  You can with Time Shred Services.  We service our customers Monday through Saturday with the option to schedule your service for tomorrow.  If you have an emergency we may be able to come the same day.

We Come To You

When you need to destroy your documents you don’t have to go anywhere because we bring document shredding to you.  With our fleet of paper shredding trucks that have the capacity to destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour we can easily destroy your files faster than any other option.  When our truck arrives our staff will do all the work by empting the containers holding your papers into our security bin so your files can be securely moved to our paper shredding truck just outside.   The shredding system then takes over by lifting the bin and empting your papers in to the shredder and they are destroyed.  Our trucks are equipped with a viewing system that allows you to watch your files being shredded on a monitor on the truck.

Document Destruction Options for Business

One-Time Shredding is for the occasional need to destroy files even if it is just once.  We service the onetime need of both residential and commercial customers.  So when it is time to get rid of those old files taking up space or you need to do your annual file purge at the office just call us.

Scheduled Shredding is for the ongoing need to securely destroy paper records.  We supply secure consoles or bins to dispose of documents in then we come to your location regularly to empty the containers and shred the records.  You can choose a weekly, bi-weekly, every week or a monthly schedule then we come automatically.

Residential Shredding

Manhattan is a great place to live but taking heavy documents to another location can be difficult.  With Time Shred Services you don’t have to go anywhere, we come to your NYC residence and do all of the shredding there.   Our trucks equipped with the latest document destruction equipment are sent to your residential location.  Our technician then brings one of our bins into your building and up to your floor to put your papers into the bin so they can be taken to the truck and destroyed.  We come to you, we do all the work and we will do it any day you would like Monday through Saturday.

Hard Drive Destruction

We use computers at work, at home and every two years or so we upgrade to new available technology.  When you upgrade you need to remember that the hard drive in your old computer has a tremendous amount of information on it.  You need to remove that hard drive and have it destroyed do the information cannot be accessed and used to steal your identity or the confidential information of your business.  Time Shred Services offer onsite hard drive destruction in Manhattan.  Give us a call and we will come to your NYC location and record the serial number of each hard drive, destroy them and give you a Certificate of Destruction.

Shredding is Green Green Green

When you shred your documents with Time Shred Services you help to save trees.  All of the documents we destroy are recycled and that recycled paper is used to make other paper products.  Every ton of paper we shred and recycle saves 17 trees.

We hold you call Time Shred to see how easy we can make document shredding for you.

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