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Document Shredding Services in the Garment District NYC

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The Garment District in the heart of Manhattan is all about style and service. When the residents and businesses in the fashion capital of NYS need the best shredding service they turn to Time Shred Services. Our onsite document destruction service is available Monday through Saturday so you can always fit the secure shredding of your personal papers or business records into your schedule. We are waiting to hear from you so we can give you a great price and set up your shredding appointment.

Every day the residents and businesses located in Manhattan thrown away paper documents. Some are not disposed of properly and find their way into dumpsters and others wind up in recycling bins. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court made it legal for strangers to go through your garbage.  By putting any documents where someone can have access to your sensitive information you are exposing yourself and your company to identity theft.

Time Shred makes it easy for you to prevent a privacy breach by providing secure paper shredding services. Our range of document destruction options provides convenient solutions for our clients with the highest level of security:

  • On-site Shredding
  • One-time Purge Shredding
  • Ongoing Scheduled Shredding
  • Residential Shredding

On-site Shredding is the most convenient way to destroy sensitive papers because everything takes place at your location.  When our truck arrives your documents and files are placed into a bin that is then sealed to protect your information.  The bin is taken to the truck and all of your files are destroyed right away.  You are also invited to come to the truck and see the shredding take place on a monitor for the closed-circuit camera system in the truck.

Business Shredding

Businesses are especially at risk of an information breach taking into consideration the amount of paper records they disposed of.   Regardless of the amount of paper your company throws away Time Shred offers an option to accommodate you, One-time or Schedule service.

One-time Document Destruction of Business Records

One-time Shredding blends the need for professional document destruction with the flexibility to order the service only when you need it.  Our onetime option is for that occasional need whether it is just once or a few times.  We gladly service any shredding request.

Scheduled Shredding Programs

You are throwing away papers relating to your business often if not daily and you should be doing it in the most secure manner possible and that means shredding.  How do you do that and not impact the daily operation of your company?  We have the answer, our scheduled document destruction service.  We provide you with locked bins and consoles to be kept in your office so all your staff has to do is throw away any document in our containers.  The rest is done by our staff.  We come to your office on a repeating schedule and empty and destroy the contents of the locked containers.  You may have a weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly schedule.

Residential Shredding

Why not have your personal papers destroyed at home and we don’t mean take care of it yourself with one of those small shredders that you have to feed one or two sheets at a time.  We mean with bring one of our powerful document destruction trucks to your front door and we take care of all the work for you.   Our residential shredding service is available Monday through Saturday so having your private files destroyed on a convenient day for you is easy with Time Shred Services.

Give us a call we look forward to helping you with your document shredding needs.

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