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Chinatown in Manhattan is rich in culture and information. Time Shred Services helps to protect that information. Just give Time Shred a call and one of our helpful customer service staff will walk you through the document shredding process. We will help you choose that shredding service that meets your needs. On the same call, we will also give you a quote and schedule your document destruction service for any day you choose Monday through Saturday.

The Shredding Process

After you schedule your document destruction service we come to your home or office on the date you choose.  You will meet one of our uniformed very polite and helpful technicians.  They will ask you to show them the files you want to be destroyed and we do the rest.  Your papers are placed into a security bin that will be locked after it has been loaded.  The bin is then rolled to the truck where it will be placed in a lift tunnel that pulls out from the side of the truck.  The bin will be raised and emptied onto the shredder and all your documents will be destroyed.  A viewing station on side of the truck will let you see your papers going through the shredder.

Business Shredding

A business should never put business records in the regular trash.  Your firm has a responsibility to its clients and your employees to protect their private information along with the legal obligations to be compliant with federal and state privacy laws.  We offer two options, One-time and Scheduled Service.

One-time Document Destruction offers our clients the option to call for onsite document destruction services only when you have files to dispose of.  It’s up to when and how often.  You could use us once or just a few times.  The size of the job does not matter either so if you have a couple of boxes of files to destroy or a facility full we are happy to assist you.

Scheduled Shredding is geared for our customers that are disposing of paper files regularly and maybe even daily.  To stop your employees from putting confidential information mistakenly in the regular trash we provide locking bins or consoles to be distributed throughout your offices.  Your staff will now be putting all documents in these secure containers.  On a repeating schedule, we will come to empty and shred the papers that have been deposited for destruction.  We suggest you have a weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly schedule.

Residential Shredding

Safely destroy your personal documents in the comfort of your own home with our residential document destruction service.  We will come to your residence with one of our powerful paper shredding trucks and all of your private papers will be destroyed just outside your home.  You can schedule your appointment for the best day for you Monday through Saturday.

Hard Drives

Old computers are a target for identity thieves because they are hoping to find hard drives in them.  A hard drive is a storage device that has every document created or looked at on that computer plus everywhere you have visited on the internet.  Pressing the delete button does not remove the file from the hard drive.  The only way to protect that information from getting into the wrong hands; the hard drive must be destroyed.  Time Shred will come to your location to destroy your hard drive so your information can never be accessed again.

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