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Document Shredding that Comes to You

Having Files Shredded in the Village is Very Convenient with Time Shred Services

Greenwich Village is rich with cultural history and is a chic place to live and work.  What’s not chic is the private information of residents and businesses of the Village getting into the wrong hands.  You can stop that from happening if you shred all your files with Time Shred Services.

We Answer the Phone

We have real people answering our telephones not some computer voice that walks you through endless steps.  Our experienced crew loves to talk to our customers and explain our services and answer questions.  They will also be able to give you a quote and get your shredding service on the calendar.

What Day Do You Want?

We are available to come to you any day Monday through Saturday.  There is no reason to change your schedule or take off a day from work with Time Shred, we come to destroy your papers on the day you decide. Need to shred tomorrow, no problem we offer next day shredding.

On-Site Shredding

What could be easier than a paper shredding truck pulling up to your Greenwich Village building to shred your files.  Time Shred Services has a fleet of paper shredding trucks that will be sent to your location where our helpful staff will do all the work.  Your papers will be placed into one of our bins and it will be sealed and locked.  The bin is then taken right to the truck where all of your files will be destroyed.  Each truck is outfitted with a viewing station so you can see your files being shredded.

What To Shred

Every piece of paper you want to throw away.  Private information can be found on half of personal and business documents.  Don’t invite trouble, play it safe and shred every document you want to put in the trash.

Purge or Ongoing Service

Cleaning house or making room in your files room then you may need our onetime purge service.  It is shredding for any intermittent need. When you need to destroy files on an ongoing basis then our scheduled service is what you are looking for. We supply bins or consoles to keep at your location to dispose of your files in.  We then come automatically to empty the containers and shred the documents.  Your schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Help the Environment with Shredding

We recycle every piece of paper we shred.  The shredded paper is turned back into paper pulp and then used to make other paper products.  Every ton of shredded paper we recycle will save 17 trees.  Shredding benefits you and the environment.

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