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What makes us the best shredding service for residents and businesses in the West Village of New York City it is the ease and convenience of our services. Just make one call to get a quote and schedule your document shredding service. It’s that easy. Then we come to your West Village location to destroy your private papers onsite for you to witness. Whether you need ongoing services or you just need us once we are happy to service your shredding needs in the West Village.

One Call to Schedule Your Appointment

There is no waiting with Time Shred Services just give us a call and one of our experienced staff will help you with the planning, pricing, and scheduling of your document destruction service.  Everything you need to start shredding right away is done with one telephone call.  We service our customers Monday through Saturday to accommodate any scheduling requirements.

On-site Shredding

The securest and most convenient way to have your personal files or business records destroyed is with an onsite shredding service.  Your files don’t leave your location before they have been completely destroyed so the private information on them is protected from anyone being able to use them for nefarious reasons.  With our onsite service, you know where and when your papers are shredded.  In contrast, an offsite service takes your files away and you never know how many people handle your documents and when they are destroyed.  Don’t take chances, have your paper records shredded onsite at your location with Time Shred.

Shredding for Businesses and Organizations

The volume of paper usage along with retention requirements of business records is very different in every company so their document destruction needs are also very different.  For that reason, Time Shred offers One-time and Scheduled services that are flexible so they can be customized for each individual firm.

One-time shredding is an on-demand service that allows companies the ability to order professional document destruction only when they need it.  It could be for any reason or any frequency so it is available only when you call for it.

Schedule shredding helps you meet the regular need to securely dispose of company files.  You can’t put your firm’s papers in the regular trash where someone could have access to them and cause an information breach.  We supply you with security containers to dispose of your files in.  Then on a regular schedule, they are emptied and the papers shredded.   We will work with you to put together a consistent schedule that works for your firm.

Residential Shredding

When you have personal papers at home that you need to destroy so they don’t get into the hands of identity thieves make it easy on yourself and call Time Shred.  We will come to your residence with one of our commercial shredding trucks and destroy your private files right in front of you.  Whatever your schedule is we can come to you on a convenient day because we are available Monday through Saturday.

It you are a resident of a business in the West Village give Time Shred Services a call.

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