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Document Shredding Services Washington Heights, When and Where You Want it!

Washington Heights is vibrant and thriving, and decidedly down-to-earth community in Manhattan. That sensible and practical mentality extends to the protection of information and the need for secure shredding services.
Time Shred Services affords the residents and businesses located in the Washington Heights area a convenient way to destroy their private files onsite at their location.

It takes just a call!

The only thing you have to do to start shredding is give Time Shred a call.  We have a great staff waiting to help you with the scheduling of your document destruction service.  We start by explaining our services so you can choose the one that gets the right job done for you.  We then give you a price for the service that is all inclusive so you will not be surprised with any extra costs.  You can also schedule your service on the same phone call.

We Shred on Your Schedule

It’s not when we are available it’s when are you available.  We come to shred your documents on the day you choose because we make the destruction of your files convenient.  Since we offer next day service Monday through Saturday you have more options to fit paper shredding into your schedule.

We Bring Shredding To You

With a fleet of the most advanced paper shredding trucks in the industry we destroy our customer’s papers at their location.  Our truck arrives and you get to sit back and let us do all the work.  Your files and documents are placed into one of our bins that will be locked so your papers are secure moving to the truck.  When the bin is taken to the truck an automated system will lift the bin and it will be emptied into the shredder.  Your documents are then completely destroyed.  There is also a viewing station on the side of the paper shredding truck that allows you to see your documents being destroyed.

Purge Service or Scheduled Service

Our purge service is for that one-time or occasional need to shred documents.  It could be just once or whenever you have accumulated enough paper that needs to be securely destroyed.

Our scheduled service is when you need to destroy files on a regular basis.  We supply our locking consoles or bins to be kept at your office so they can be filled on an ongoing basis.  We them come to you on a schedule of your choosing to empty the containers and shred the files.  It could be weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Residential Shredding

When you need to destroy your personal papers you don’t have to go anywhere, Time Shred comes to you.  Our industrial shredding trucks will come to your home and destroy all your personal files right in front of you.  A monitor on the side of our truck lets you see your papers going through the shredder as it happens.

Give Time Shred a call and find out how easy it is to have your documents shredded.

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